Connection workshops – an impression 

From 6 May till 24 June some 20 children aged 9 – 12 years took part in RASA’s Connection workshops at the For Life Centre in Riebeek West.

Facilitators Kayla Grove, Amy Moses and Julita Khan accompanied the children on their journey discovering new perspectives on themselves, others and the earth, through art, science, philosophy, play and creation.

The following themes were developed and connected with the living world of the children of our village:

  • Life on earth flourishes because everything is connected to everything else
  • The bigger the diversity the stronger life gets
  • Our family, the animals can teach us a lot
  • We live on a planet with an abundance of energy. Life nevertheless doesn’t waste a drop
  • The cyclic beauty of nature is our important teacher

The contents of the workshops were thoroughly prepared and documented to be repeated in different contexts and venues.

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