past Community art projects

Art touches on the essence of being human and is therefore never indifferent. Art encounters are always a dialogue between us and the art. Artists bring oxygen to people with their artistic projects. With community art and participatory projects we want to connect people — large and small — with each other and their environment. We do this together, with the artist and through art, to promote social integration and joy.

RASA brought:

ART To The Red Cross Refugee Centre

ART InTO families’ homes

the RED CROSS Refugee centre

This refugee centre in Sint-Niklaas was the starting point for various projects, connecting the local community and people from around the world through artistic interventions:

❥ For ‘Feeling at home‘, artists created a children’s playroom together with the children and their parents in the refugee centre.

❥ In the context of ‘PIXELme‘, artist Pierre Mertens created a TingaTinga wall and a virtual exhibition together with a group of refugee unaccompanied minors at the same centre.

FAMILIEs’ homes

With ‘Art Kisses’, Rasa set up a dialogue between 25 artists and their work and 25 families and single people, who received the artworks for 25 weeks to explore what effect the long-term presence of an artwork can have on someone. Filmmaker Marjolijn Prins followed the exciting process with five of the participants.


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