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Uitzicht – inzicht

Uitzicht (View) is a historic house with an art studio, located on a mountain, an ecological paradise with vegetable and fruit gardens fed by mountain water and solar energy. The site serves as Rasa’s new head-and-heartquarters and aims to be a meeting place for artistic cross-pollination.

From 2022 onwards, Uitzicht will also be the home of the new owners, Gerd and Pieter. The endless views of the mountains, and Pieter’s decades of experience as a psychologist specialising in mindfulness and meditation, will make this a unique place to practise this discipline. From this intention we now call the place: View / Insight.

Previously, the house belonged to the South African president, Jan Christian Smuts, who had it built in 1903 for his elderly parents, Jacobus and Catharina Smuts. Besides his political career, Jan Smuts was a renowned philosopher and botanist, a genius but controversial thinker.

The Art Studio is still under construction. More pictures will follow as work progresses.

Art studio

A self-sustaining art studio will be located in the Uitzicht garden. This contemporary space will be 48 m2 in size, with kitchen, bathroom, double bed and sitting area, and a private terrace with direct access to the garden, orchard and swimming pool. Artists and students with a special interest in art for social change may live and work here in an atmosphere of supportive creativity. For information on projects, terms and conditions, email gerd@rasa.be.


The Riebeek Valley would have been known to the native Khoi people, but was first described by a party of Cape Dutch explorers led by Pieter Cruythoff, in 1661. The mountain, Riebeeck’s Kasteel, was named after the Commander of the Cape, Jan van Riebeeck, who arrived with the first settlers in 1652. Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel are two of the oldest towns in South Africa. They are situated in the Western Cape, 75 km north-east of Cape Town, 50 minutes’ drive from the city centre.

The slopes of the dramatic Kasteelberg stretch out into wheatlands, vineyards and olive groves, creating a distinctive touch of the Mediterranean in Africa.

 The Riebeek Valley is is home to a creative and vibrant community of artists, artisans and craftspeople.

ECOLOGY Western Cape

Wild waters ・ Kelp forests ・ Ancient rock formations ・ Fynbos・ Afromontane forest ・ Wildflower hotspot

There are few places in the world with as much biodiversity as the Western Cape. This province contains one of the world’s six floral kingdoms, the fynbos, with an estimated 8,000 unique plant species to discover. The beauty and sights of the Western Cape are hard to beat, which is why this region is South Africa’s top tourist destination.

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