Walking in dreams


Dutch: ‘Dromen op pootjes’
1998 – 2000
10,000 visits

Panamarenko, Mario Callens, Stefaan Van Biesen, Luk Van Soom and Rudi Mertens.

‘Walking in dreams’ immerses you in an artistic dream world.

Barefoot, you step onto a cobalt blue stage with twinkling stars. On this stage is a giant bed in which you can curl up. Everything is possible in bed: cuddling, pillow fights, reading, listening to a last story before bedtime. And when you are sick, a bed offers silent comfort.
The sky above the bed is hung with blue silk. On the pillows you see images of sleeping children from different cultures. In this way, the whole world comes together here. At the four corners of the bed there are cabinets with art works.

‘Walking in dreams’ connects childhood dreams with artists’ dreams in a fairytale setting, where time stands still for a moment.

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