Dutch: ‘HUID’
2019 – 2021
3,472 visits

Jalila Essaïdi, Eline Willemarck, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Bart Hess, Margi Geerlinks, Carla van de Puttelaar and Renee Verhoeven.

Can you live without touch?
Does your skin stay the same?
What does your skin tell about you?

To be human is to be emotional, to feel things. Our sense of touch is intrinsically emotional. In this age of skin hunger, we experience the great importance of skin contact. Touch connects us to each other. Without that connection, we lose something very essential.

Our skin is one big sense. Through your skin you feel the warm breeze on a summer evening, the annoying itch of an insect bite and the soothing feeling of a friend’s hand on your shoulder. Blushes on your cheeks, goose bumps or drops of sweat betray how you feel. Your skin tells your age, your health and where your ancestors came from. It protects you, but it is also vulnerable and bears traces of the story of your life, such as scars and birthmarks.

Any surface can be perceived as skin. Especially in art, the term is often used to describe the material quality of a work of art. With the skin of a work of art, the artist invites our sensory perception.

‘SKIN’ at Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht

Dutch title: ‘HUID’
2021 – 2022
Exhibition: +7,000 visits
incl. laboratory for art and research

At this leading Dutch museum, ‘HUID’ (SKIN) by Rasa interacts with works from the collection. The richness of the tactile experience and the way we experience skin colours are explored as extra themes. As well as the artists mentioned above, ‘SKIN’ is showing work by Ferdi Tajiri, Bruce Nauman, Luc Tuymans, L. A. Raeven and Marlene Dumas.

Photos: © Rasa – Movie: © Studio Tropics (top) and © Bonnefanten Maastricht (below)

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