Dutch: ‘Ik-jij-wij’
2014 – 2016
10,618 visits
incl. forum and app

Francis Alÿs, Nick Cave, Shadi Ghadirian, Benjamin Verdonck, Vaast Colson, Sofie Muller, Maen Florin, Margi Geerlinks and Koen Vanmechelen

In ‘Me-you-us’, we reflect on who we think we are. We go in search of the influences that have helped to shape our identity. Does identity have to do with where you come from? With what you have or what you wear? What role do your upbringing and surroundings play? The way you think about yourself and who you are is partly determined by other people. You see yourself reflected in other people’s eyes. How do you find your place in this worldwide web of relationships?

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