Dutch: ‘Inspiratie’
2016 – 2017
3,326 visits

Panamarenko, Luc Tuymans and Jan Fabre.

How do childhood experiences influence the work of artists? This question is the theme of the travelling exhibition, ‘Inspiration’, which highlights the lifeworld of three Antwerp artists: Panamarenko, Luc Tuymans and Jan Fabre. Their drawings, graphic works, objects and installations form the core of this exhibition.

Three workstations recreate the atmosphere of the artists’ studios. You can explore their world while playing. Each artist tells about the events of his childhood in a video fragment. This gives you a better understanding of why he makes what he makes.

Exciting! First you crawl into a tent, a small lab in which Jan Fabre examined insects as a teenager. You can make new compositions with fluorescent green beetle shields. Afterwards you can write a giant bic (ballpoint pen) sign, just as Fabre has done in several of his exhibitions.
At Luc Tuymans’ workstation you can look into a viewfinder to see photos and objects that have inspired the artist.
At Panamarenko’s you can find materials from his studio to make a sculpture with. A girl says what she would invent for herself: “I would find a giant chestnut and cut it in half and hollow it out. Attached to my chestnut are hundreds of ladybugs that pull me. We would ascend until we were lost in a sea of air.”

‘Inspiration’ gives you a deeper understanding of the relationship between memory, inspiration and creation.

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