Community Art Projects

Over the past years, Gerd Dierckx has enjoyed being a volunteer, taking the initiative in places where women in particular commit to the needs of the children in their communities. She builds bridges, provides structure and facilitates activities. Her contribution is a modest and gentle one. Her intuition together with her artistic and educational experiences of 30 years with Rasa are the basis of this work. She uses Art Boxes with Rasa content, methods and objects to inspire youth facilitators and provide them with a new way of creative learning.

  • From 1997 Gerd has supported and advised the community project, Mad About Art, in the Nekkies community in Knysna. Beaty Jonas, who has developed an intense bond over the years with several Rasa projects, is the driving force of this project.
  • At the Prince Albert POP Centre in the Karoo, different activities were introduced:
    • Educational materials were developed and women were coached in their design for a new preschool project in their community.
    • Young volunteers were coached in the theme of Connection with the Earth.
    • San elders were interviewed for a film about our relationship with the earth. Watch this film here.
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