Dutch: ‘MOOI’
2010 – 2012
17,834 visits

Jan Fabre, David Claerbout, Sofie Muller, Johan Tahon, Wim Delvoye, Nick Ervinck, Kahn & Selesnick, Bob Verschueren, Pascal Bernier and others.

Do you feel beauty in your heart or in your head?
Do you need your ears, nose and mouth as well as your eyes to find something beautiful?
Is there any such thing as universal beauty?
Is nature always beautiful?
Do animals know what is beautiful?
Does art have to be beautiful?
Can something beautiful be ugly too?

A philosophical production about beauty and vulnerability.

activity BOOK

Dutch: ‘Mijn mooiste boek’
Rasa, 2012


my most beautiful book

Activity series with an art room and a hardcover workbook.

This project was curated in partnership with 30 organisations in the social sector in Flanders for 1,000 children and young adults, working from January to April 2013. It culminated in an inspirational day when the participants shared and evaluated their experiences.

During the tour of the exhibitions, specific attention was always paid to special target groups. In addition to the MOOI exhibition, for example, we developed the MOOI activity book, for small and big people in the social welfare sector. This book, with the theme of the fragility of beauty, was used by prisoners and psychiatric patients, by foster children and disabled children.

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